Oldest food ever found on Vegas Dirty Dining

Amanecer Salvadoreno on Main Street and Wyoming in Las Vegas was recently closed after receiving 47 demerits from the Health District during its last inspection.

Darcy Spears of KTNV spoke to the owner by phone and noted, “There’s a whole bunch of expired food.  There was stuff that dated back to 2011 in your amanecer-salvadorenokitchen.  2011!  There was stuff from 2012.  There was bleu cheese dressing from January of this year.

And yes, bleu cheese is made from mold, but three-month-old dressing is pushing it.”

Inspectors found expired queso from Halloween of 2011.

Nestea and Minute-Maid from 2012.

Inspectors found improper hand-washing — one employee didn’t even bother to use soap.

There was built-up food debris on kitchenware.

And plastic, grocery-style t-shirt bags and trash bags were being re-used to hold things like raw meat and other potentially hazardous foods.

To their credit, Amanecer Salvadoreno cleaned up their act quickly.

They were reinspected two days after shut down, and re-opened with an A grade and zero demerits.