The Birdman returns from possible noro, Nuggets finish off the Mavs

After a bout of a gastro illness on Monday night which caused him to miss Game 4, Chris Andersen, nicknamed The Birdman, was back in action tonight for the Denver Nuggets.  The Nuggets downed the Mavs 124-110 to take the best-of-7 series in 5 games.

According to the Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune:

On Monday, Andersen was on the court for pregame introductions, but the Nuggets’ 6-foot-10 post player then went back to the locker room and wasn’t seen on the bench again. When the team returned after halftime, Andersen wasn’t with them and the Nuggets said he wouldn’t play.

Sounds like The Birdman picked up some noro somewhere but declared himself healthy today after a couple of days on IV for dehydration.

Asked if he would be ready for tonight, Andersen said, "I’m going to have a really large storage of energy."

A cross between Kurt Rambis and Dennis Rodman, Andersen’s night was short, receiving 5 personal fouls in just 13 minutes of play. 

And boom goes the dynamite.