Would you eat cheese made from your wife’s breast milk?

No, I wouldn’t. Wives are to be cherished, not treated like cows. I have five daughters and they were all breast-fed.

Breast milk is for babies, not food porn.

Daniel Angerer disagrees.

Gael Greene reported back in March how Angerer (sounds like a name Stephen Colbert made up) was serving customers cheese made from his wife’s breast milk.

Although the New York Health Department forbade the sale of Angerer’s breasty cheese, Greene secured and sampled some of the wares.

“Surprise. It’s not the flavor that shocks me—indeed, it is quite bland, slightly sweet, the mild taste overwhelmed by the accompanying apricot preserves and a sprinkle of paprika. It’s the unexpected texture that’s so off-putting. Strangely soft, bouncy, like panna cotta.”