Just cook it doesn’t cut it: 2-year-old dies from E. coli related HUS in Argentina

Health Minister of the province Roberto Schwartz confirmed the death of a 2-year-old admitted Feb. 21, 2016 to the San Luis Hospital with characteristic symptoms of hemolytic uremic syndrome.

hemolytic-uremic-syndromeSchwartz, who described the outbreak as “sporadic,” said the province has the inputs and technology needed to diagnose and treat the disease, which occurs by exposure to bacteria in poorly cooked meat or through (poor) food processing. The minister recommended using domestic prevention measures such as cooking red meats, especially hamburgers, sausages and meatballs, at a suitable temperature, and washing hands before handling food, as well as appropriate kitchen hygiene to avoid cross-contamination of food.

The case that triggered the alert was preceded by that of a child from Mendoza, who vacationed in San Luis and entered the hospital on Jan. 28, 2016 with the same diagnosis, although it is unclear whether the cases are related.

170 sick with trichinosis in Argentina

The National Health Service and Food Quality (SENASA) implemented bans and controlled performed tasks for the health operative in response to the outbreak of trichinosis detected in Pehaujó, Buenos Aires.

Trichinella_LifeCycleThere are an estimated 170 people have been affected and 504 pigs sent to slaughter in the area involved.

The origin of the outbreak was due to the consumption of sausages unmarked from a butcher in that city, which was not authorized by local authorities, or hatcheries and farms of which got the pork that marketed the premises.

Before the fact, SENASA authorities acted in conjunction with the Ministry of Land Affairs of the Province and the Municipality of Pehuajó, from the initial seizure of the goods at the butcher until bans and controlled delivery job of confiscated animals. According to the results of diagnostic tests in the cold, many of these animals were positive.

Trichinosis or trichinellosis is a zoonotic disease that may be present in raw or undercooked meat from pigs and certain game animals such as wild boar and pumas. People get sick when they eat raw, sausages or sausage meat without proper sanitary control.

Pigs can get trichinosis when raised in unhygienic conditions with rodents and fed with trash or debris inadequate food. Parasitized pigs have no symptoms and characteristics of their meat is not altered.

Pork, the other white meat, takes on new meaning: Argentina President says pork better than Viagra for boosting sex

In a move to apparently counteract the negative associations with swine flu, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner told a gathering of business people at a meeting at the presidential palace that eating pork is at least as effective as popping a Viagra pill to spice up your sex life, stating,

"Pork consumption improves sexual activity. This is not a small detail. Besides, some nicely grilled pork is much more gratifying than taking Viagra."

Kirchner said she ate some roasted pork over the weekend with her husband, former president Nestor Kirchner, at the couple’s retreat in Argentina’s bucolic southern Patagonia region, with "impressive" results.
"We were in high spirits the whole weekend," she said, smiling.

The head of the association of pork producers, Juan Uccelli, on Thursday said people in Denmark and Japan, where pork consumption is high, "have much more harmonious sexual lives than us Argentines have."