Person with diarrhea most likely source of Crypto at Georgia splash pad

An infected person with diarrhea who used the East Athens Community Park splash pad earlier this month is the likely source for the recent spread of the parasite Cryptosporidium confirmed to have infected at least 16 children, the Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department and the Clarke County Health Department determined this week.

diaper.poolAccording to a statement, the CCHD was alerted Aug. 11 to several cases of children falling ill after attending a private party at the splash pad on Aug. 3. As part of its investigation, the health department contacted Leisure Services Aug. 12 for information and took water samples soon after. Water samples were submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the next day, and while final CDC test results are not expected until later this week, the health department confirmed samples taken from infected children indicate Cryptosporidium, commonly known as Crypto.

One of the leading causes of recreational water illness, Crypto is spread when people swallow water recently contaminated by an infected person’s fecal matter.

Once the health department determined Crypto as a probable cause, staff at Leisure Services initiated a precautionary disinfectant treatment at the splash pad prior to reopening it to the public. The treatment used more than twice the amount of chlorine shown by CDC studies to eradicate Crypto and was used for a longer period of time than required by the health department, according to ACC Leisure Services Park Services Division Maintenance Supervisor Keith Kirkland.

6 confirmed sick with Salmonella linked to bean fundraiser in Alabama, dozens ill

At least six cases of Salmonella have been confirmed in Limestone County, Alabama, and officials believe those who fell ill may have contracted it at an annual bean dinner fundraiser held Friday in Athens.

Kelli Powers, chief executive officer of Athens-Limestone Hospital said, athens.alabama.salm.bean.oct.13“We have seen dozens of people Saturday, Sunday and today with mainly diarrhea but also vomiting and nausea,” Powers said. “There are about 24 people in our waiting room right now who have been waiting about an hour with symptoms.” 

Salmonella strikes 22 at Ohio eatery

I’ve never heard of Athens, Ohio, although it is apparently home to a heavy metal band I’ve never heard of, the aptly named Skeletonwitch (right, exactly as shown).

An unnamed but popular eatery that I have also never heard of in Athens, Ohio, was apparently home to a Salmonella outbreak last week that sicken at least 22 people.

WBNS-10TV cited Athens County health officials as saying the restaurant poses no threat to public health and that is has been inspected.

Health department spokesman Charles Hammer said the restaurant was immediately inspected, adding,

"Everything is currently in order. If we were to find a food service operation with an ongoing threat to the public health we would close that operation. this is not the case here."