Larry David can eat and shat at the same place; not sure about these Brits

I recently revisited a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode from 2011 where Larry David is dating the hostess at his favorite restaurant. Friends tell him, you can’t sh_t where you eat, or eat where you shat, but Larry insists he is above larry-david-hbosuch mortal recommendations.

Things don’t turn out well, in the form of suspected food poisoning.

Things may also not turn out so well for British entrepreneurs who have turned a Victorian-era men’s public toilet into a café.

According to the Globe and Mail, the entrepreneurs spent £100,000 to power-clean and renovate the 19th-century public lavatory, turning it into the Attendant cafe in London.

The restaurant preserves many of the original features dating from the 1890s, including the tiles, cast-iron entrance, and porcelain urinals that have been turned into tabletops as part of the seating area.

The idea, according to a Vanity Fair piece, came to the two while they were at a nearby pub, looked up and noticed a “for let” sign on the ironwork of toilet.cafethe no-longer-used lavatory.

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