Norovirus fells over a hundred at New York school function

“For about 5 hours, I wanted to die.”

That sums up my experiences with norovirus, but this quote comes from Jennifer Schadt, a mom who attended a Harrison, NY awards banquet with her son on April 30. According to the Journal News, at least 110 Rye High School  teachers, parents and students were barfing and had the runs after eating at the Willow Ridge Country Club.1399675963000-GetContentCA2G9NJE

Nanami Kanno, 17, a junior at the school, said she and her mother became sick two days after the dinner, suffering stomach pains for a couple of days before feeling better.

“It was horrible,” she said. “It was suppose to be a good night for students who got awards but it turned out to be a bad night because of the food.”

The Westchester Department of Health, which takes the lead investigating disease outbreaks, said its policy is not to inform the general public when there is a norovirus outbreak, only the people it believes to be affected, spokeswoman Caren Halbfinger said.

Willow Ridge manager Scott Garvin said the facility was cleaned and has been allowed to reopen. It appeared to be closed Friday night.

Both Rye High School and Rye Middle School were sanitized to try to stem spread of the disease, Superintendent Frank Alvarez told parents.


Xmas events shelved after Dublin hotel vomiting outbreak

The Regency Hotel in Dublin has had to cancel a number of Christmas events and suspend its food and beverage service after a suspected outbreak of norovirus linked to its catering services.

Manager John Glynn told the Irish Times he had received “between 50 and 100” calls from people who had dined there last week complaining of being ill afterwards.

“Last Thursday a number of people were in touch saying they had been at a function on the Wednesday night and were not well.

“On the Friday evening the HSE was in touch saying they had had calls, and they visited the hotel and took samples from all the menus, including ice and water, which was stored in fridges over the weekend, to be examined in their labs.”

He said all food and beverage operations in the hotel had been suspended since yesterday morning while all food and drink service areas were decontaminated, a process he said would take 48 hours.

“We have had to cancel two events, affecting about 500 people, which is a pity but the people are very grateful and understanding of the stance I have taken.”

50 Wisconsin banquet guests suffer from food illness

The Waukesha County Health Department is investigating an illness outbreak at the Country Springs Hotel.

About 500 people attended a luncheon at the Country Springs Hotel, and the managers were notified that about 50 of the guests were suffering from flu like symptoms.

The Health Department tells FOX6 the Banquet Room and the attached kitchen were completely sanitized.