No FBI for a nauseous Obama

The name and face of Barack Obama will be written into history books when he is sworn into office today as the first African-American president of the United States.

This fact has enabled Ilham Anas to become the most famous nauseous man in Indonesia.

Anas works as a photographer and has an incredible resemblance to the new president.

Some of Anas colleagues—as a joke after Obama’s election—dressed him a suit and tie and handed him an American flag for a photo shoot.

Soon the pictures were on the internet and television, and in the hands of an advertising agency who offered Anas a job playing Obama in a commercial for Domperidone.

The product is the generic form of Motilium—a drug used to combat nausea and vomiting. It’s rushed to the Obama look-alike when he appears to suddenly fall ill during dinner.

The hostess in the commercial needn’t fire her cook, however. Most microbial foodborne illnesses (FBIs) take hours if not days to make a person ill.

The Secret Service would more likely be after whoever fed him lunch.

May God bless America and the food on all its tables.


Safest food in the world – Barack Obama edition

Barack Obama may be the change candidate but his food safety rhetoric falls into a tired and unsubstantiated pattern.

Obama wrote on Friday in a letter to  Cow Calf Weekly (great reading for the beach),

“America continues to have the safest, most abundant and cheapest food supply in the world. … Beef producers are a key component in a healthy and vibrant rural America. By strengthening USDA and working to enhance food safety and meat processing, my administration will assist the industry in providing a wholesome and safe product to your customers.”

Maybe Barack is using the same PR folks as the Taste of Chicago. And with over 800 people sick from Salmonella in tomatoes and no source in sight, is it really the right time to be making claims about who has the safest food?

Thanks to Kansas State PhD student Charles Dodd for forwarding the item.