Something lost in translation: Thunder Bay health unit says sushi bar not at fault for noro

The district health unit has determined suspected cases of food-borne illness were not acquired through a local sushi bard.

Last week the Thunder Bay District Health Unit announced they were investigating Bento Sushi, located inside the Real Canadian Superstore, after four people were reported to be ill after consuming the food on March 28.

Neither food or stool samples tested positive for foodborne illness but stool samples did test positive for norovirus.

While norovirus can be spread through food, the health unit determined the incubation period ruled out Bento Sushi as being the cause. Norovirus is most commonly spread through contaminated surfaces and then ingesting the virus.


Still don’t like sushi: Thunder Bay health unit suspects foodborne illness at Bento Sushi

The Thunder Bay health unit wants to hear from people who bought food at Bento Sushi in the Real Canadian Superstore in Thunder Bay, Ont., on March 28.

8095_reddragroll_listThe health unit stated in a written release Wednesday that it is investigating cases of suspected foodborne illness after four people who purchased sushi at the Bento location in the Superstore in the city fell ill within four to five hours of eating it.

The reported illness was characterized by vomiting, diarrhea and weakness and lasted approximately 24 hours.