Looking in the toilet works too: scientists create yoghurt that changes color of poop to diagnose disease

 It’s the logical next step for Jamie Lee Curtis and her Activia yogurt that makes people poop.

Researchers have, according to Mail Online, worked out a way to tell if a person is ill by changing their poop to different colors.

Swill down a yoghurt-style drink which interacts with the food in your stomach and your excrement turns a variety of hues depending on how sick you are.

The scientists have so far only suggested it could detect the progress of e.coli – but they hope one day it could diagnose far more conditions.

Even colorectal cancer, worms or a stomach ulcer could one day be pinpointed by people peering into the toilet until no brown remains.

The process has been developed by British designers Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King.

He and Ms Ginsberg have created a special blend of BioBricks, or standardized sequences of DNA, which interact with the E.coli and turn red, yellow, green, blue, brown or violet depending on how advanced the condition is.