21 sick with Salmonella: comfort food produces not-so-comfortable barfing

The 21 Salmonella-induced-barfing residents, staff members and visitors of the Blue Hill Care Center in in Webster County, Nebraska will take comfort knowing that local and state health types have concluded the outbreak in August was caused by “… a particular meal on a particular day. And from surveys, it was likely particular foods.”

It was probably the chicken, said Dr. Michele Bever, executive director of South Heartland District Health Department.

Bever says she doesn’t believe anyone can be held accountable.


19 sick; Salmonella outbreak in Nebraska care facility

South Heartland District Health Department along with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is investigating an outbreak of salmonellosis associated with the Blue Hill Care Center in Webster County. To date there have been 17 confirmed cases and 2 probable or suspected cases reported in residents, staff or visitors. Four residents were temporarily hospitalized after showing symptoms. A visitor is still hospitalized. Blue Hill Care Center is cooperating fully with the investigation to help identify the source and eradicate the issue.

Anyone experiencing symptoms consistent with Salmonella should contact their doctor for recommendations on testing and treatment. For further information or to report suspected cases, contact South Heartland District Health Department toll free at 1-877-238-7595.