Voluntary recall of Meadow Gold Dairy products for insufficient pasteurization

The Meadow Gold Dairy plant in Boise is voluntarily recalling Meadow Gold brand Old Style Whipping Cream and Meadow Gold DairyPure brand Whipping Cream and Half and Half due to insufficient pasteurization. It is possible that pathogens present in raw milk, including Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, and/or E. coli, may have survived and, if ingested, could cause serious or life threatening issues.

meadow.gold.creamMeadow Gold Dairy has received no reports of illnesses related to the affected product to date and is removing the product from the market.

Distribution of the affected product was limited in scope. Therefore, consumers should only be concerned with products carrying plant code 16-05 and UPC codes: 1570013313 // 1570010018 // 1570013210 // 4190007913 // 1570016615

No other Meadow Gold Dairy products are affected by this recall.

The recall involves approximately 10,000 units of the affected product, which was distributed in four states including Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and Utah through numerous retail outlets and food service settings. The company is actively notifying customers and is in the process of retrieving the affected product.

During a routine records review, we discovered that the product may have been under-processed. Meadow Gold Dairy has ceased distribution of the affected product and recovery is actively underway. Consumers who have this product should not consume it. They should discard it and may return the product package to the place of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Consumers with questions can contact the Company at 1-800-587-2259 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm central time.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Dairying and the Food and Drug Administration have been notified of this recall.

PR nonsense: 280 sick with Salmonella linked to Boise Co-op, but reporting ‘slows down’

Reports of salmonella cases have slowed to a “trickle” this week according to Christine Myron, spokesperson for Central District Health Department.

boise.co-opdThe last tally shows there are 280 reports of cases connected to the Boise Co-op deli, Myron said. The first connected cases started coming into the CDHD up June 8. The store closed its deli temporarily to clean the store, update the work flow and install new sinks. They reopened Friday after CDHD inspected the kitchen’s new setup and gave them the go-ahead.

200 sick in Idaho Salmonella outbreak linked to organic co-op

The Central District Health Department (CDHD) is investigating a salmonella outbreak associated with the Boise Co-op deli -specifically food purchased from the deli after June 1, 2015.

boise.coop.deliAs of June 17, 2015, 200 cases of Salmonella are associated with this outbreak. Preliminary test results showed Salmonella growth in raw turkey, tomatoes and onion. However, additional laboratory tests are pending.


60 sick from Salmonella: yes, even co-ops can transmit foodborne disease and bacteria don’t care about your politics

The Boise Co-op says its Salmonella outbreak that has sickened dozens of Treasure Valley residents has been linked to raw turkey, tomatoes and onions in its deli department.

boise.coop.deliThe organic food store confirmed on its website that the salmonella outbreak started from its deli.

“According to CDHD, the salmonella contamination of the raw produce is a result of possible cross-contamination in our Deli department,” the store wrote on its website.

The latest news comes a day after some customers filed a lawsuit against the store.


5 sick from Salmonella: Idaho restaurant closed

The Central District Health Department on Thursday suspended the food establishment license of a Boise restaurant linked to five cases of Salmonella poisoning.

Pho-Tam-Pho-Tai-Bo-VienPho Tam, located at 1098 N. Orchard St., was shut down after health inspectors found two critical violations of food safety regulations and two other violations.

“Due to the violations identified today, we determined they were not demonstrating proper practices to prevent foodborne illness so we suspended their food establishment license,” health department spokeswoman Christine Myron said in an email sent to The Idaho Statesman.

In her email, Myron did not identify the specific violations discovered Thursday. She was out of the office and not available for questioning late Thursday afternoon.

No one answered the phone at the restaurant early Thursday evening.

The closure order came just a day after health department officials held one-on-one education training with the Vietnamese restaurant’s employees on proper food safety procedures.

Pho Tam, which has operated since 2010, has 15 days to contact the health department to request a compliance conference to discuss with owner Long Doan the major risk factors that were found and develop a plan to control the risk factors that could make customers sick.

At an inspection last June, health inspectors found five violations, two of them critical. The restaurant was written up for inadequate hand-washing facilities for workers and improper cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces, both critical violations. The other violations dealt with thermometers, dishwashing machinery and the restaurant’s physical facilities.

KTVB visited Pho Tam Thursday, and the owners were on scene. They declined to talk on camera about the suspension of their license and, in fact, told our reporter on scene that the restaurant was closed for renovation.