Australian bakery that sickened 203 with Salmonella in 1996 fined $130K

In late Jan. 2016, a bakery in Sydney’s south was closed as customers started reporting Salmonella illness.

On Monday, the owners of the Box Village Bakery, Thi Thu Ngo and Hung Son Le, were fined a total of $122,000 and ordered to pay $7,199 professional costs after each was convicted of ten breaches of the Food Act 2003.

The owners the Sylvania bakery at the centre of a Salmonella outbreak that affected more than 200 people, each pleaded guilty to five breaches of selling unsafe food, and five breaches of failing to meet food safety standards and were fined $61,000 each.

There were 203 documented cases of people who had presented to hospitals and other health care providers with symptoms of gastroenteritis including vomiting, diarrhea and fever after consuming bakery items such as chicken rolls and salads that were linked back to the bakery.

During its investigation the NSW Food Authority issued a Prohibition Order requiring the business to cease operations.

The business was only permitted to reopen and trade after it completed extensive work to ensure the bakery had been thoroughly cleaned and fully compliant with food safety laws.

The NSW Food Authority also conducted skills and knowledge testing with staff and management of the business to improve their food safety knowledge and conducted a number of inspections of the premises subsequent to its reopening to ensure it continued to be fit to trade.

CEO of the NSW Food Authority Dr Lisa Szabo said the court result served as a reminder to all food businesses and individuals as to why food safety systems are crucial.

‘They never disappoint’ Australian bakery reopens after 151 sickened in Salmonella outbreak

Seven weeks after dodgy chicken schnitzel and pork rolls landed 27 people in hospitalSylvania’s popular Box Village Bakery reopened today and the message from locals was a resounding ‘welcome back’. regulars turned out to offer their support to the family-owned business, shut down by the NSW Food Authority in the wake of the infamous salmonella outbreak in January.

As many as 150 people were struck down with food poisoning, resulting in the owner leaving an apology note on the front door of the business before closing temporarily.

One former regular, Sylvania local Alison Banks, said she chose to return to the shop today to reassure the operators they were accepted among “most” in the area.

“I’m not even here to buy anything I just wanted to tell them that they have our support,” Mrs Banks said.

“I had a friend who ended up in hospital and I can understand why they might not want to come back but think overall this is a business that is really loved. “The food is great. It’s always looked clean to me. They will certainly have my support.”

Sylvania’s Jack Schilling and Jarrod Dwyer — both 17 — said they had been monitoring the shop since its closure in anticipation of returning for their famous chicken schnitzel roll.

“They never disappoint,” Schilling said.

Clearly not everyone is a fan however, with one man slowing down in his car to shout “salmonella” from his vehicle before speeding off.