Rodent poop by slushy machine in Texas; employee bolts on camera

Two Raymondville convenience stores continue to rack up high demerits on Food 4 Thought.

BreakTime on 1095 East Hidalgo Avenue scored the most with 30 demerits on a health inspection report.

Kitchen cops found ‘fresh’ rodent droppings in the cabinet area under the slushy machines.

The contamination is a repeat violation from another health inspection less than six months ago.

“Why do you think the rats like this area?” Action 4’s Ryan Wolf asked a manager on duty.

“I have no idea,” the manager, who would only identify himself as Sam, said.

The Food Patrol fired off other questions dealing with public safety concerns at Sam.

He was also asked about the owner’s previous claim on Food 4 Thought that he would take the appropriate action to stop the rodent contamination.

More than 30 ‘fresh’ droppings were discovered during a health inspection in May.

The filth turned up once again in the slushy machine area.

Sam did claim to be fairly new on the job; however, he did not stick around to answer all the Food Patrol’s questions.

He was caught on tape abruptly leaving the store in his vehicle.