It was the aioli: Australian Salmonella toll in Albury rises to 111, linked to raw egg

The number of sick people has grown from 20 to 111 in a Salmonella outbreak linked to The Burger Bar in Albury, Australia.

The Border Mail reports that almost 20 of those have been confirmed as salmonellosis, up from seven last Friday, with the number expected to rise.

The NSW Food Authority yesterday revealed that home-made aioli — a garlic mayonnaise that includes raw egg — had tested positive for salmonella.

The Border Mail also reported The Burger Bar’s restaurant’s Facebook page has been flooded with community support and most people were sympathetic and have vowed to eat there again, with one writing,

“I have worked in the food industry for many years and no matter how clean your shop and kitchen are, and no matter how careful you are, sometimes there may (be) something slip through the safety net.”

Another described the restaurant as “one of the best eateries” in Albury.

While both comments may be true, it is absolutely dumb to use raw eggs in a condiment that is going to be served to hundreds if not thousands of customers. Further, Australia has had repeated, recent outbreaks of Salmonella linked to raw egg consumption.