Ontario man finds ants in his McDonald’s burritos?

The Toronto Sun reports that 28-year-old Tommy Lam and his girlfriend stopped by the McDonald’s at Markham Rd. and Denison St., north of Toronto, around 11 a.m. last week to order four pita-wrapped sausage and egg burritos to eat on their way to work.

Soon after, they sat down to eat at his business, Jewellery Box, just around the corner at Steeles Ave. E. and Middlefield Rd., Lam claims they spotted dozens of ants inside and outside their burritos.

Fortunately, the little critters weren’t crawling around. But that was of little consolation to Lam, who had already eaten the first of his two burritos.

Whether or not that first sandwich was also laced with dead ants, Lam is not sure.

When Lam returned to the store, Lam said the McDonald’s manager, “didn’t even offer an apology. … He offered to replace our burritos, that was it. I just said, ‘No thanks!’ and walked out.”

Lam said he later tried to contact McDonald’s head offices and his local public health department, but he wasn’t able to reach anyone over the long weekend.