NYCs Cake Man Raven closed again

Some New York City eateries suck at this food safety thing.

GrubStreet reports that Cake Man Raven was closed by the Health Department a couple of years ago for using an unpermitted commercial kitchen for some of its cakes (mice droppings were also found), and on Wednesday, it was closed again.

This time, the inspection report cites “food from unapproved or unknown source or home canned” and/or “ROP foods prepared on premises transported to another site,” which indicates that proprietor Raven Patrick De’Sean Dennis III is likely once again in trouble for transporting slices from off site (no one is picking up at the store). Add to that, the Cake Man apparently couldn’t produce a food protection certificate or an operating permit.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, Market Table and BLT Steak recently racked up even more demerits than the Cake Man’s 78 (they scored a whopping 94 and 91, respectively), but both remain open for business, with grades still pending. Everyone’s favorite wedding-proposal spot, One if by Land, also rang up a surprising 64 demerits.

GrubStreet has a full list of the food safety infractions from the reports. Fine dining.