That’s a risk management decision: Kroger pulls caramel apples from shelves

In the world of risk analysis the assessors calculate what’s the likelihood of a problem and present different scenarios to risk managers. And the managers weigh the consequences, options and make decisions on what to do. Like not selling unrefrigerated caramel apples anymore (or until risks can be reduced to whatever level they deem acceptable).caramel-apple

According to the Wall Street Journal, yesterday’s publication of listeria growth in caramel apples from Kathy Glass’ group at Wisconsin has led to a swift risk management decision. No more unrefrigerated caramel apples.

Kroger said it made the decision based on new scientific evidence that the product, if left unrefrigerated after being pierced with a stick, could be at risk for the bacterial disease. The grocer said it is acting out of caution after reviewing a study published by the American Society of Microbiology.

Payton Pruett, Kroger’s vice president of food safety, said Kroger believes the health risk is minimal. She (he -ben) said the company is open to carrying the caramel apples again in the future and that it will work with suppliers to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.