Family speaks out after Salmonella death; 15 sick in outbreak linked to Kentucky restaurant

Steve Davis, 61, of Hanson, Kentucky, died just weeks ago from Salmonella. His aunt tells 14 News that he was just the first of four family members who got infected.

“We’re going to miss Steve,” says Joyce Elieff. Joyce is still learning how to live without her nephew, Steve. “He always ended with, ‘If I can do anything for ya, call me,’ and ‘I love you, Aunt Joyce.’ That’s hard,” Joyce shares. 

Steve and his brother, Gary, ate at Casa Mexicana in Madisonville a few weeks ago. About a week after their meal, Steve got salmonella and died in the hospital.  Gary was also mexican-food-tacoinfected and hospitalized. “It’s just something I never would have thought of,” Joyce says.  Then, shortly after helping clean Steve’s home, a third family member, Joyce’s son, Johnny, also got salmonella. Soon after that, Joyce says the doctors told her that she also had the illness. “I was very careful and I still ended up with it. I just thank God that my son and my nephew are OK. …

“I didn’t even realize that was possible before now. That’s why I want people to realize how contagious it is. You just really can’t be too careful.” 
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15 sick, 1 dead; Salmonella outbreak linked to Kentucky restaurant

A salmonella outbreak in Kentucky that has sickened 15 and killed one has been linked to Casa Mexicana, a Madisonville restaurant.

Health Department Director Denise Beach says eight cases have been matched to Casa Mexicana. Beach adds that four others are pending.

WFIE NBC reports three cases have been reported in Webster County and one in Muhlenberg County, but it’s not yet known if they are linked to the Hopkins County mexican-food-tacooutbreak.

Health officials who visited Casa Mexicana say they found numerous violations which prompted them to test food samples and shut down the restaurant for at least a day.
Beach says there is no further risk to the community. Casa Mexicana is now on an increased inspection schedule.