OHIO: Boris thinks the health inspector sabotaged his restaurant

It’s the blame game again. Boris and Tatiana Vilenchuk, owners of Hawa Russia restaurant in Columbus, Ohio are upset at the health department’s decision to revoke their license, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

The Columbus Board of Health took away their licenses yesterday, citing persistent, unresolved food-safety problems. At the Russian restaurant on the North Side, problems reported by inspectors included foods held at improper temperatures, the absence of a hand-washing sink and employees inadequately trained in food safety.

[O]wners of Hawa Russia, argued that inspectors have been unfair and unreasonable and accused a food inspector of planting an insect in the restaurant to prompt a violation.

Health officials said they have gone above and beyond to work with the Hawa Russia owners and staff. Only after several failed attempts to bring the restaurant into compliance did officials recommend revoking the license.

The Vilenchuks have closed the restaurant and said they don’t plan to appeal the order.

Oh, Boris. Already Columbus Public Health Online reports the establishment as closed (see below).

Inspection results in Columbus are available online and at the premise in the form of colored cards, and the Healthier, Safer People Honor Award, described below: