Nosetretcher alert: Simplified explanations blur understanding of food industry

Dorothy Farrell, a columnist for something called Pipe Dream, writes that, “As I grew up, I discovered that most hamburgers come from a place called a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). Many of those animals do not enjoy simple luxuries in life, like sunshine or freedom to walk. I learned that cows are meant to eat grass, and that the only outbreaks of E. coli are cultured in cows that are fed corn. “

cow.poop2This is nonsense. All ruminants are the natural reservoir for shiga-toxin producing E. coli. She didn’t learn much.

Thieves make off with 400 tonnes of corn from Quebec farm

While biking with Sarah yesterday on our ole’ timey cruisers, someone just had to accelerate and get past us because they were in a rush on the island.

They were from Quebec.

That’s the place where people steal 16,000 barrels of maple syrup.

And now, apparently, 400 tonnes of corn.

The farmer who owns the crop estimates the value of the theft at $140,000.

The unidentified farmer says the corn had been stored in silos at the farm located about 130 kilometres northeast of Montreal.