No puppies in the post

The UPS store has many informative flyers, signs and brochures. One is a Ghostbusters’ circle with a line through it to indicate, no animals: UPS will not courier pets.

I asked the woman who was preparing my package if the sign was really necessary and she said, yes. Some people try to mail pets elsewhere; on a UPS truck, in a box.

A 39-year-old Minnesota woman was charged with cruelty to animals after she allegedly tried to post a puppy to a relative from one side of America to the other.

Last week Stacey Champion sealed the dog, a male four-month-old Schnauzer called Guess, in a box and was outted only when the cardboard box containing the dog fell off the counter when she was trying to pay for ‘high priority’

Mrs Champion, who had paid $22 for Guess to be posted, wanted to transport the puppy quickly, using two-day priority.

Mrs Champion was charged with animal cruelty. She now apparently wants the dog back.