OHIO: Tommy’s Pizza cooks up critical violations

While on house arrest nursing my burnt foot I’ve become somewhat of a whiz in the kitchen. Using Doug’s recipe I’ve made homemade pizza at least four times in the past week, much to the delight of my flatmates.

In Columbus, Ohio a local pizza shop is facing Columbus Public Health after four inspections reported thirteen critical violations – those violations most likely to pose a health hazard – reports NBC 4.

Columbus Public Health (CPH) recommended a local pizza shop’s license be suspended for at least three days after four inspections with numerous critical violations.
Tommy’s Pizza, located at 3020 E. Broad St., was inspected several times during a four-month period and had numerous critical food-safety violations.

CPH inspectors were at Tommy’s Pizza May 21, and found one critical violation: cold-holding of potentially hazardous foods. A second inspection was held Tuesday, June 9, and two critical violations were found, including violations of cold-holding of potentially dangerous foods and unsafe food was not discarded.

A yellow sign, [indicating the business is in the enforcement process due to uncorrected violations] was posted at the shop June 12.

A follow-up inspection on June 19 found seven critical violations, [including unsafe food not discarded and improper employee handwashing]. Another inspection was held July 8, with three critical violations, including violations of cold-holding of potentially dangerous foods, food employee touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands and potentially hazardous foods not being reheated to the proper temperature.
CPH recommended Tommy’s Pizza’s license be suspended for at least three days and the shop be placed on increased monitoring for 120 days.

In Columbus inspection results are available online, here, and at the premise in the form of colored cards.

Restaurant sinks are not bathtubs

An Ohio man is in hot water for taking a hot bath in a Burger King bathtub. The video shows a man sitting in the sink, while other employees look on laughing. At one point the employee with the camera goes to ask the manager if she wants to come watch. The manager declines, but also fails to take any action. The video was then posted on Myspace. The fast food restaurant has fired all employees involved. They added that the sink was sanitized twice and all utensils were thrown out. Health officials are working with prosecutors to see if charges will be filed. However the health department has declined to issue any fines. If bathing in a kitchen sink isn’t worth a fine, what is?

The video contains some not safe for work language.

Burger King Employee Takes Bath In Sink – Watch more free videos