Millionaire City boss tells staff to eat two-day-old burgers … to remind them how lucky they are to still have jobs

Local health-types are a bit miffed that UK gazillionaire Damon Buffini decided to punish the inflated egos – and bellies – of his staff by sending out for more than 100 McDonald’s burgers, waiting two days and then providing the aged burgers for a staff lunch.

Buffini apparently told the gathered staffers he was tired of their poor attitude, reminded them how lucky they had been in life, and that lunch would not be taken at any of the smart restaurants in and around Covent Garden. Instead, they were told to eat their ‘two-day-old’ burgers and reflect on how fortunate they all were to still have their jobs.

The burgers were apparently reheated.

Andrew Hamadanian, senior communication officer for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, said,

“Without knowing the specific details, McDonald’s and other fast food are made to be eaten straight away. We would not encourage eating food that may not have been stored properly between purchase and consumption.”