Tournaments for kids, meetings for parents, all possibilities to spread Norovirus

We’re going to a hockey tournament next weekend with its 6:30 a.m. game starts and me being grumpy coach, so there will be a lot of eating in unfamiliar spots. a motto of faith-based food safety, I hope no one will get sick.

Health officials in New York state are investigating what caused some of the hundreds of parents and children attending a Rochester dance competition to become ill.

The Monroe County Health Department says it’s too early to determine a cause, but officials say they suspect norovirus caused several people to fall ill after attending last weekend’s event at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Work crews spent Tuesday scrubbing the venue’s walls, floor and ceiling with bleach. A Rotary Club luncheon scheduled Tuesday was cancelled as a precaution.

Officials say around 700 children and adults attended the competition, some traveling from Buffalo and Canada. The number of people who reported getting sick hasn’t been released.

Health department official say norovirus causes vomiting and diarrhea that typically lasts for a couple of days.


No one wants barf at dance competitions

The Saskatoon Health Region is investigating a gastrointestinal outbreak that happened at a dance competition last weekend.

More than a dozen groups from Saskatchewan and Alberta gathered sorenne.apr.13.2for The Performer at TCU place.

The region said they were notified that people who attended had symptoms consistent with Norovirus.

“So we’re investigating this now as a community outbreak of gastrointestinal illness,” said Deputy Medical Health Officer Dr. Julie Kryzanowski.

An instructor from Dance Ink studio in Saskatoon said about a quarter of her students and their parents have gotten sick.