People need to poop, but if by yogurt, prove it

That Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt that makes people poop has been hit with hefty fines for nonsense health claims.

USA Today reports the Dannon Company will pay a $21 million fine and stop making exaggerated health claims for two very popular Dannon products under an agreement with the federal government and attorneys general from 39 states.

Dannon will stop claiming that one daily serving of Activia yogurt relieves irregularity and that its DanActive dairy drink helps people avoid catching colds or flu, the Federal Trade Commission announced on Wednesday.

The FTC charged that Dannon’s ads were deceptive because it did not have substantiation for its claims. The commission also charged that Dannon’s claims that Activia and DanActive were clinically proven were false.

In one TV spot for Activia, actress Jamie Lee Curtis reassures viewers that eating Activia can help people who suffer from irregularity.

No more Jamie Lee Curtis talking about her poop? Danone withdraws health claims

I’ll miss Jamie Lee Curtis talking about her diarrhea.

The BBC reports that Danone has withdrawn requests to approve claims about the health benefits of two of its brands.

Danone has promoted that yoghurt drink Actimel strengthens the body’s natural defences, while Activia aids digestion.

The company says it is waiting for the European Food Safety Authority to clarify how the approval process works.

However, Danane is already voluntarily withdrawing the claims from products sold in France. A UK regulator banned an Actimel advert last year.