Mr. Heavyfoot goes to buy milk (M. Piedlourd va achete(r) du lait)

Mr. Heavyfoot was a recurring character on the Canadian sketch, Kids in the Hall, 20 years ago, featuring Dave Foley.

His daughter, 10-year-old Alina, has employed her father for a new take that she wrote and directed.

But that’s not France, the A grade in the window makes me think Los Angeles.


How not to handle foodborne illness: ‘put an adult diaper and get back to work’

Food service employees working while sick is a recurring theme in restaurant-related outbreaks.

Add this scenario:

An outbreak of diarrhea has decimated the staff of a Tex-Mex restaurant and Godfrey the manager, is on the phone imploring a staff member to come in anyway, even if that means wearing an adult diaper.

“Astronauts wear them. Do you think you’re better than an astronaut?”

The scene is from an upcoming Canadian movie called Servitude, and like the best comedy, has an element of truth.

Godrey is being played by Kids in the Hall/News Radio alumnus, Dave Foley. He’s one of the French fur trappers in the bit below.