25 students sickened at Brisbane area school after injesting ‘mystical fire’ which they believed was popping candy

About 25 students at a school north of Brisbane became sick eating a substance they believed were lollies.

Mystical Fire 2Paramedics were called to Deception Bay State School, north of Brisbane, about 2.20pm today after students ate the substance.

Queensland ambulance reported that up to 25 children were being treated at the school.

Emergency services were called to the school in the Moreton Bay region after students complained of nausea and ‘burning in their throat.’

Queensland Ambulance later confirmed the Year 4 students ingested Mystical Fire, a novelty substance available from camping stores that is thrown on fire to create multi-coloured flames which the children may have believed was popping candy.

A parent told The Courier-Mail their 10-year-old child was offered the chemicals, described as looking like “white popping candy,” outside of class.