Getting sick from raw milk sucks – and it’s a significant issue that can be easily prevented

Long before anyone heard of them, Second City TV had a Canadian show on a lousy network. Saturday Night Live was getting rave reviews with a bunch of Second City alumni in the U.S., so many of the Toronto cast-offs got together to form a weekly skit television series that certainly warped the mind of this-then 14-year-old beginning in 1976. Every week, the show began with the tagline,

“Don’t touch that dial! Don’t touch that one either! And stop touching yourself! SCTV is on the air!”

(I also used to bike home from school at lunch and watch Roger Ramjet, a cartoon that was almost certainly written by stoned college kids.)

A spokesthingy for the Weston A. Price Foundation, promoters of raw milk, and founded by a dentist, said the other day that if people get sick from drinking raw or unpasteurized milk,

"We just don’t see that as an issue.”

Lots of foods make people sick. Some of these illnesses are easily preventable.

Below is a table of some of the outbreaks linked to raw milk that an advocacy group just doesn’t care about (aboot).

Also below is the incredibly talented Harold Ramis, who was only on the first year of SCTV before he went on to co-write Animal House, Ghostbusters, direct Groundhog Day, and now shows up as the stoner dad in any decent movie – Orange County, Knocked Up – with his take on do-it-yourself dentistry. Sorta like do-it-yourself food safety.