Storing food in bakery bathroom: Dirty Dining, Vegas style

KTNV, Contact 13 in Las Vegas, reports in this week’s Dirty Dining segment that food improperly handled and issues with storage lead to the recent closure of Valerio’s Tropical Bake Shop.

Inspectors slapped the shop with 49 demerits, forcing it to close its doors. Anything more than 40 demerits means an automatic closure.

Issues included food stored unprotected both outside and inside the restroom.

Inspectors also found what they describe as a black mold-like growth in a kitchen sink.

Other violations included chicken thawing improperly and several foods were at the wrong temperatures, including chicken salad, boiled eggs, carrots and egg rolls.

Contact 13 was not allowed on the property, but manager Rex Jose tells us: "Things at the bakery have been very busy. But we have listened to what the Health District had to say and have made all the necessary changes."

The Health District tells us Valerio’s Tropical Bake Shop is back open, and operating with a 4 demerit A grade.