UK sausage with 600 times legal limit of listeria

BBC News reports that polish sausages contaminated with listeria have been found on sale in Doncaster, U.K.

The council said its food enforcement team had removed affected items from local delis and shops.

A number of contaminated products were found, some with levels of listeria up to 600 times the legal limit.

The products in question are Home Black Pudding Sausage or Grill Black Pudding Sausage produced by Sokolow in Poland.

A council spokesman said: "The sausage implicated in the Doncaster investigation is cooked and although many will cook it again, which should kill the organism, it is often eaten cold straight from the pack."

And there is the significant risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen.

The contamination was first discovered by Bolsover District Council in Derbyshire during routine checks on a shop.