What happens when a restaurant refuses health order to close: Nothing (maybe double-secret probabtion)

The Allegheny County Health Department issued a second notice of closure to Rudy’s Submarines at 270 Yost Boulevard Friday after the restaurant’s health permit was suspended Thursday.

rudys-submarinesRudy’s was ordered to close for failing to correct numerous violations, according to the Health Department. The violations include lacking a certified food protection manager, as well as not having a hand washing sink in a food preparation area, hot water in a hand washing sink, soap to wash hands or date-marking equipment.

In addition, the Health Department said that a “food contact surface” at the restaurant on Yost Boulevard was not properly cleaned and sanitized, and the floor and ceiling were in poor condition.

Although Rudy’s health permit was suspended Thursday, the Health Department found that the restaurant remained open Friday. It was again ordered to close.

Canadian Walmart deli worker with hepatitis A; immunizations to employees and public

A deli worker in a Duncan, B.C. Walmart (that’s in Canada) has tested positive for hepatitis A so the local health types are offering hepatitis A immunizations “to eligible members of the general public who have consumed certain deli products from the delicatessen in the Duncan Walmart.

The Vancouver Island Health Authority recommends members of the public who consumed ready-to-eat food, including sliced meat and cheese, from the delicatessen at the store between December 30, 2010 and January 4, 2011, or consumed meat or cheese sliced at the deli counter from January 5 to January 10, 2011 should receive hepatitis A vaccine as a precaution. Individuals who ate or purchased deli items after this time period are not at risk of contracting the disease.

This alert DOES NOT (sic) apply to produce or other foods purchased from the grocery department or to foods from the McDonalds restaurant located in the Walmart.

I don’t know why the press release writers think putting words in all caps will make readers pay double super-secret attention to the warning.