‘Swimming in a dirty pool gave me kidney failure’: man is saved by a new organ from his father after picking up E. coli on holiday

A man who developed kidney failured after swimming in a dirty hotel pool has been given a new lease of life after his father donated one of his organs.

Aidan Sheikh-Husseyin, 23, from Ringwood, Dorset, was on holiday in Turkey three years ago when he picked up E. coli from a swimming pool.

The infection is thought to have led to him developing kidney failure and left him in desperate need of a transplant.

He is now recovering after his father, Ilkay Husseyin, gave him a new kidney.

Mr Sheikh-Husseyin, who was diagnosed with kidney failure last year, said: ‘I was at college one day and was playing football when I started to lose colour, feel faint, my heart rate increased and I had swelling in my legs.

‘I went to the doctor who initially thought there could be a problem with my heart.

‘Nothing progressed from that and I felt OK, so I quickly moved on, until one day my girlfriend, Abi, made a comment about the appearance of my urine.

‘Together we looked on the internet at what bubbles in urine means and there was a suggestion of kidney failure.

‘Under Abi’s instruction I went to see my GP later that week with a urine sample, and that same day the GP referred me to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and said I needed a biopsy immediately.’

A biopsy revealed Mr Sheikh-Husseyin had severe renal failure and doctors advised he needed a kidney transplant within a year or he would need dialysis.

His cousin and his father were immediately tested and both were matches for a kidney transplant.

It was decided that Mr Husseyin would donate and the father and son underwent successful surgery three weeks ago.