Pierre Victoire makes people barf, but founder cleared on human rights grounds

The founder of the Pierre Victoire restaurant chain has been cleared of causing food poisoning at his Edinburgh restaurant after a sheriff ruled that environmental health officials had breached his human rights.

Pierre Levicky, 51, was accused of giving two diners campylobacter and three others symptoms of food poisoning after serving chicken livers at Chez Pierre, in Eyre Place, New Town, in November 2009.

But his lawyer argued that Levicky’s interview with an environmental health officer, which took place without a lawyer being present, could not be admitted as evidence
Sheriff James Scott ruled that Levicky’s right to legal representation had been breached, sustained the objection and found Levicky, of Eyre Place, Edinburgh, not guilty of the charges.

Squirrel sells out at Edinburgh restaurant

The owner of an Edinburgh restaurant which has put grey squirrel on the menu has described it as the "ultimate ethical food."

Spoon cafe bistro in the capital said the grey squirrels were being killed to protect Scotland’s native red squirrel so it "made sense" to eat them.

But animal welfare charities are divided about eating squirrel.

Owner Richard Alexander told the BBC the squirrel meat was free range, low fat and low on air miles.

Mr Alexander said since it went on the menu on Friday it has sold out every day.

Some say squirrel tastes like wild boar. Others think it is more a cross between duck and lamb.

Amy says squirrel tastes like chicken — if you add ketchup.