Tom Robbins, Apple, and family (NSFW)

I was just sitting here editing and writing, with some tunes on the background –the daughter went back to school after 4 weeks away, and I am surrounded by euphoric emerson.mar.16parents every morning – when a shitty U2 song came on from that free album that no one wanted.

U2 is a terribly overrated band, I never liked them, except for that 1991 song, Mysterious Ways, but only because it sounds like it was based on a Tom Robbins novel.

Which got me thinking about encryption, Apple, and the future of my grandsons (#2 at 10 months, left, exactly as shown).

Which quickly went to food safety information. Anything can be hacked, anything is open for public disclosure, get it out there, and if you’re any good at food safety, brag about it.

Just don’t release it free on an iPhone.

No one wanted that free U2 album.