Every health inspector needs one of these.

Oh snap, this is an awesome T-shirt. I know the writing is small, so this is what it says.

You know you are a health inspector when…

  1. People ask you where to eat and…… you just smile.
  2. You interrogate the cook at your own family’s Thanksgiving dinner
  3. The waiter asks “How would you like your burger?”and you reply,”Cooked to 160°F please.”
  4. Vomiting, diarrhea, and parasitic organisms are just part of the dinner conversation.
  5. You have a pool and spa kit on the edge of your bathtub.
  6. Your pockets contain test strips, alcohol wipes, thermometers, and spare change.
  7. Examining septic systems and leach fields constitute your daily aerobic workout.
  8. You know how to pronounce words like “Escherichia” and “ Staphylococcus.”
  9. Children avoid your neighborhood when setting up lemonade stands.
  10. You have developed a HACCP plan for your backyard barbeques.