Colorado Rockies pitcher Josh Outman out with food poisoning related injury; glad he’s not on my fantasy team

Rotisserie baseball kicks off today for me. I grew up in the 90s near Toronto (that’s in Canada) – a fun time since the Blue Jays were winning World Series titles. As I got older, the Jays sucked and baseball became boring. I switched allegiance to the Boston Red Sox (it was nice to back a winner) and to keep my interest I got into a rotisserie baseball league. I’ve been in the same league for 15 years with the same bunch of nerdy guys. I’ve finished in last place, a league record, four times (which comes with it’s own toilet-shaped trophy).

I have never won.

I thought last year was my time to shine as I dominated the league all season and even started to spend the pool winnings in my head. Then I got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

Opening day in the American League (where my nerdy group draws it’s players from) is today and I’m all set to watch my players amass home runs, strikeouts, quality starts and stolen bases.

Injuries can derail a great rotisserie baseball team. I’m glad I don’t have Josh Outman, who, according to The Gazette, will start the season on the disabled list after injuring an oblique while barfing.

Colorado Rockies relief pitcher Josh Outman will start the season on the 15-day disabled list after a strange injury, according to

Rockies manager Jim Tracy said Outman strained his oblique from vomiting because of a bout of food poisoning.

Outman, a left-hander, joined the Rockies after a trade over the winter from the Oakland Athletics