Pinto defense: Ferrero guarantees safety of chocolate bars based on government inspection

Ferrero clarified that its chocolate bars are safe, adding that the German government has not recalled its products from the country’s store shelves, an article from local news portal reported.

pinto,explodingIn a statement posted on its website on July 12, the firm further guaranteed that they have met all the needed food safety requirements in the countries where they exported their products.

On July 5, U.K. media outlet Daily Mail reported that Germany’s Foodwatch has found out that its Kinder Riegel chocolate bars contain high levels of mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons. This component is a byproduct of the oil refining process.

The newspaper cited that the issue has led to the recalling of the bars, as the European Food Safety Agency also commented that the product “may be carcinogenic.” further reported that Foodwatch member Johannes Heeg has recommended consumers to avoid purchasing these products.

Asked about the said mineral found, Ferrero shared that minimal traces of such oil do exist almost anywhere.