Foodscan 3000 way better than Foodscan magic potion version

Introducing the Foodscan 3000, which is way better than the Foodscan 2000 — or at least by a thousand — and completely blows away the Foodscan 1814.

According to a press release from the Israeli-based company, “MS Food Safety is currently developing the FOODSCAN 3000, a hand-held and portable food contamination detector. The development program of the FOODSCAN 3000 addresses the current gaps in food safety & product inspection. It uses the most advanced scientific and technological approach to identify potential foodborne illnesses ahead of time. This helps protecting consumers from unintentional or deliberate contamination.”

Any company going by MS Food Safety is suspect; a company called PhD Food Safety would be much more credible.

“You need to have an instrument by your beside that can detect the food contaminants real-time without the need to rely on the lengthy and costly lab analysis process. The FOODSCAN 3000 is the only hand-held and portable food contamination detector than can detect the contamination caused by common pathogens such as Salmonella, E.coli O157:H7, Listeria and others.”

You bet I want an instrument by my beside.

As one notable food safety type said,

“The company should be sued for false advertising.”