Eating poop? Make sure it’s cooked; Calgary sushi joint reopens after mouse-poop discovery

Sushi and mouse poop really don’t go together; if you’re going to eat poop, make sure it’s cooked.

Health inspectors shut down a Calgary sushi restaurant last week – because when I think fresh, raw fish, I think Calgary — after finding a “significant amount of mouse droppings,” a Fuji Yama.calgarylive critter in the bar and other upkeep issues.

Fuji Yama on 17th, a late-night hangout for sushi buffs, re-opened 24 hours after being ordered to close by provincial authorities on Jan. 27.

Alberta Health Services spokesman Bruce Conway acknowledged the findings would likely invoke squeamishness for some, but contended it’s not unheard of in the industry.

Six critical health code violations and three others were reported on Jan. 24 during a routine inspection.

Rodent excrement was found in “several areas” of the restaurant such as the pop dispenser closet, dry storage shelving and bar area.

Other critical violations cited included sanitizer without chlorine, no paper towels in the staff washroom, and raw frozen meat refrigerated in containers without lids. Non-critical offences consisted of rusty shelving, missing tiles and an “extreme build up” of food debris on the rice cooker.

On Monday, owner and head chef Francis Tam denied knowledge of the closure and told Metro he was “busy for now” before declining to answer further questions.