‘I’m married, I’m beautiful’ Mother’s Day goes bad in Canada

I love my mom. She makes it important to go see my Canadian daughters and her great-grandchildren, she is kind and giving and can also drive me crazy.

Like rearranging my kitchen when she visits.

Travis Jackson of Bayshore Broadcasting reports that two foodborne community outbreaks linked to the Lakeshore Recreation Centre are currently being investigated by the Grey Bruce Health Unit (that’s in Ontario, Canada)

Dozens of people reported being sick after eating the food on Saturday (May 12th) at the Billiards Banquet, and on Sunday (May 13th) at the Mother’s Day Brunch.
Public Media Relations Coordinator with the Grey Bruce Health Unit, Drew Ferguson, says that anyone who attended these events is being asked to contact the Grey Bruce Health Unit.

He says that the public are not at serious risk.

Can’t say that if you don’t know what caused it.

The Health Unit asks that you stay home if you think you may be sick. They are also requesting a stool sample from those affected

8 sick with E. coli O157 in Ontario, source unknown

Two weeks ago, Canadian bureaucrats said there was an outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 linked with consumption of veal liver, but never did say how many people got sick or where.

Tonight, Grey-Bruce public health officials – that’s in Ontario, Canada — are trying to find a link in a cluster of genetically similar cases of E. coli O157 which has sickened eight people over the past several weeks.

Health spokesthingy Angela Newman said, "We’re looking at their food history, where they’ve been travelling, some of their activities in order to determine if there’s any linkage between the cases. At this point, we have not been able to identify any particular link.”

Those sickened range in age from six to 85. Some of the victims are still in hospital, but are "on the mend," Newman said. Some were "pretty ill."

No one seems to know much.