Mold on nozzles, poor temp control: Mexican restaurant allowed to reopen in Illinois

After failing a health inspection last week, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, located at 1319 E. Jackson St., was allowed to re-open after a forced 72-hour closure, $1,500 fine and a follow-up inspection.

548a3dff433e2.imageThe health inspection conducted by the McDonough County Health Department details the violations that prompted the closure.

According to the inspection, “many foods” were not being kept under temperature control. Potentially hazardous foods must be kept lower than 41 degrees or above 135 degrees. There were tests showing hot foods only at 107 degrees, and cold foods at 56 degrees.                    

Mold growth was also a problem in the restaurant. Mold was found in the soda nozzles at the bar and on the ice machine.