20 sick from Salmonella at Birmingham hospital

A Birmingham hospital has been hit by an outbreak of Salmonella, affecting 20 patients including staff – with experts concerned it could spread further into the community.

vomit_here_by_seedpix_at_flickrHeartlands Hospital, in Bordesley Green, is investigating how the bug spread to patients staying in eight different wards.

One of the units, Beech Ward is currently closed to visitors, while patients in the remaining seven have been isolated so that relatives can still see their sick loved-ones.

The bug has not been found in hospital food or water and a deep cleaning of all areas is being carried out until patients are no longer being tested for the bacteria.

However, microbiological experts are concerned that this could be the start of a potential community outbreak.

Of the 20 infected, three are members of staff. Eight of the patients remain in hospital whilst the rest have been sent home.