Market microbial safety and back it up; A&W Canada fail

Following in the hormone-free hucksterism footsteps of Chipotle and Tyson in the U.S., Coles in Australia, and countless others, A&W Food Services of Canada has proclaimed it will not serve beef with added hormones or steroids and only beef that contains no added preservatives or additives.

“More and more Canadians are looking for beef that’s been raised without added hormones or steroids, and we’re proud to serve this better beef to burger lovers across the country,” Paul Hollands, president and chief executive officer, A&W Food Services of Canada, said in a news release. “When you eat one of the burgers from the A&W burger a&w.canada.sep.13family, you can be assured that not only is it going to taste fresh and delicious, but also that we have sourced the beef from select ranches that are at the leading edge of sustainable practices.”

The company’s “Better Beef” program works with several ranches worldwide, including Spring Creek in Vegreville, Alberta; Meyer in Helmsville, Mont.; and Teys in Australia.

Each of the ranches that are part of A&W’s program have rigorous verification systems to track the cattle, their feed and their care to ensure the beef meets A&W’s specifications.

Rigorous verification? Like all the outbreaks linked to foods that underwent rigorous verification?

Market food safety, rather than fear. Because some companies are better.