Sydney Pizza Hut fails third cockroach inspection by the Australian name-and-shame squad

Think a few small bugs won’t hurt you?  Think again. Cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted pest insects.  They can cause chaos in the food safety standards of a restaurant because they transport harmful microbes on their body surfaces and through their droppings.  Cockroaches are also found to be a common allergen for humans.

Last week, after two previous warnings about cockroaches in the kitchen, food safety inspectors returned to a Sydney, Australia Pizza Hut only to discover a cockroach in the food preparation area of the kitchen.

The store was issued with a $650 fine for not taking steps to eradicate the pests, and a second fine for not having warm running water in the kitchen for staff to wash their hands…The Pizza Hut was one of 22 premises the Food Authority fined in its blitz in recent days, in which it issued a total of 27 fines.
They will join more than 175 outlets on the authority’s website, launched last year to "name and shame" businesses that do not comply with NSW hygiene laws.

The best way to deal with cockroaches is to prevent them before they become present.   Keep kitchen surfaces clean and store food off the ground.  However, if a restaurant already suffers from cockroaches, the problem should be eliminated and the reason behind the infestation should also be addressed.  There are various chemicals and traps available for cockroaches, some more traditional than others.

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Maybe it was the customers’ fault

Calgary, which has a long history of blaming consumers for foodborne illness, decided to flex some muscle and actually penalize a couple of shady restaurateurs.

A Pizza Hut restaurant that remained open after being told to close to correct deficiencies under the Public Health Act has been fined $11,500.

Provincial court Assistant Chief Judge Bob Wilkins said in sentencing Alberta Restaurants Inc., which operated the Pizza Hut location in the northeast community of Coventry Hills, the numerous violations over a one-year period were overshadowed by failing to obey the inspector’s order.

"The most aggravating is the blatant disregard for the closure order. Although corrected quickly, the reality is they thumbed their noses and went ahead in face of the closure order."

Additionally, the husband and wife owners of a southeast meat market were fined $20,700 for breaching numerous orders under the Public Health Act relating to unsafe food and filthy conditions.

Judge Wilkins was quoted as saying,

"There was repeated contravention of the act, with 34 inspections in which opportunity was given to rectify the problems. They virtually ignored them. What was done here was strictly for economic gain."

Offences included meat scraps being left uncovered, meat and chicken waste left in a back of the property, open product lying on the floor in a walk-in freezer, mice droppings lying around and magpies carrying away meat left outside.