NZ eatery scrambles to cover up loo nudes; try our food safety infographics

A trendy pop-up restaurant has outraged customers with 1970s Playboy nudes plastered on the back of toilet doors.

Revealing magazine shots and explicit articles were used as wallpaper in the unisex toilets at Miss Pings, a Vietnamese eatery in the City Works Depot in Auckland.

A spokesman from the Department of Internal Affairs said the raunchy material breached an R18 restriction law and the restaurant could be asked to remove the display.

I understand the toilet is a learning opportunity, whether it’s for 1970s teenagers to be implanted with sex imagery from porn magazines, or food safety infosheets, to distinguish between food safety and food porn.

Miss Pings, try our food safety infographics on the toilet door.


From food safety infosheets to food safety infographics: Can your pâté make you sick?

The concept behind food safety infosheets is to take recent foodborne illness media coverage, and relevant evidence, and provide it to food handlers in a nice package. At first, they were text heavy, boring and weren’t very good. After a couple of years of refinement food safety infosheets turned into tool resulting in measured changes in practices.

If you’re doing the same stuff for 10 years without changing, you’re probably doing the wrong thing.

That’s kind of where we’ve been at with food safety infosheets for the past year. After making a couple of hundred of them we decided the format was getting old and tired. Katrina Levine joined the crew and put some renewed enthusiasm into the storytelling devices – and also suggested that we start making infographics.

After looking at our own lack of skill and capabilities we sought an outside partnership with New Mexico State University Media Productions. They get us; and do fabulous work.

Here’s the first food safety infographic that tells the story of last week’s outbreak of Campylobacter linked to undercooked chicken livers.

Download a pdf of the infographic here.