Jack White gives Eagles of Death Metal food poisoning

In a nice intersection of music and food safety, Gasoline Magazine reports that Jack White (one of my very favorite thrashers) brought some poorly-handled Detroit pierogies to Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal resulting in some celebrity barf. Hughes says that the pierogies arrived before a show in Toronto last fall and gave him the squirts and a queasy stomach for most of the performance:

"Dude, I had botulism… Jack White bought pierogies in Detroit and brought them up to the gig, and I ended up eating one far too long after it had expired.  I ended up contracting mild botulism and sweating out of every hole, so to speak, for about 12 hours.  I was the worst f’n experience I’ve ever had.  But you can’t call in sick to rock & roll"

Amen, brother; that’s why I love rock & roll.

Working in a restaurant, that’s different. Call in sick.

It probably wasn’t actual botulism (would have been difficult to pound the guitar with a body full of  neurotoxin) but sounds like a nasty foodborne illness experience.

Actual botulism did appear this week in WA, where a woman in her 30s and two children under 10 fell ill from eating improperly-canned green beans from a home garden. The woman is reportedly recovering slowly and remains on a ventilator.

Here’s some Sunday rock & roll, Jack White and the Rolling Stones, Loving Cup:

And a bonus video, The Dirty Mac’s Yer Blues from the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus: