Salmonella from salad at Illinois restaurant? Maybe, but source not IDed, 15 sick

Health types in Illinois continue to investigate the cause of a Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak that appears to be linked to the Portillo’s restaurant in St. Charles.

The number of confirmed cases stands at 15.

An exact cause of the outbreak has not been identified; however the weight of evidence leans toward the ingestion of salad. It is not known how the salad became contaminated.

Eleven of the 15 cases reported eating at Portillo’s, and seven of those reported eating a salad. Two employees have tested positive for Salmonella Typhimurium, but the investigation has identified them as likely victims of the outbreak and not the cause.

Other information about the outbreak includes
• Onset date ranged from April 5 through April 30
• 10 are female, five are male
• Three were hospitalized

13 now sick from salmonella in Illinois

Health officials say 13 people now have been confirmed as having contracted salmonella typhimurium, suspected to have come from Portillo’s, a St. Charles restaurant, in northeast Illinois.

Nine are female and four are male, with their ages ranging from 17 to 64. Three of the patients were hospitalized, but all have since been released.

Portillo’s “is actively cooperating with the investigation, having cleaned and sanitized the building Monday night and discarded all food items, except for samples that were collected by Kane County Health Department staff to send to the IDPH lab for testing.”

Salmonella suspect is Illinois restaurant, at least 7 ill

The Kane County Health Department said Tuesday it is investigating an outbreak of a form of salmonella poisoning, possibly linked to a Portillo’s restaurant in St. Charles.

In approximately the past two weeks, 10 cases of Salmonella ser. Typhimurium with a matching PFGE, or genetic, pattern have been reported In Illinois. This pattern is rare in Illinois. At least two additional cases of S. Typhimurium are pending the PFGE results. Cases in other states have also been identified.

The Kane Health Department said a common potential link is that seven of the people affected reported having eaten at Portillo’s at 3895 E. Main St. in St. Charles during April. No specific food item has been identified to be source of the illness.

The management of Portillo’s is actively cooperating with state and local health officials in the investigation, the Kane department said. The restaurant was sanitized overnight Monday and is having all its food handlers tested for possible infection.