Salmonella scare lands La Mojarra Loca in Vegas on Dirty Dining


Darcy Spears of KTNV reports La Mojarra Loca on Maryland Parkway near Sahara is no stranger to Dirty Dining.  

Each time the location’s been on, it’s been just before Halloween.

And this time, inspectors were there for something truly scary–a customer who ate salmon and salad was diagnosed with Salmonella poisoning.  

The follow-up inspection resulted in a 50-demerit closure.
Inspectors documented “Unusual circumstances which might have contributed to contamination,” including food stored in the splash zone of the handsink and lots of improper handwashing.

Employees went from handling dirty dishes to clean without handwashing, scraped food off returned dishes without handwashing, and didn’t wash hands after handling raw meat.

Also, a food handler put raw bacon on a cutting board so it was touching ready-to-eat cheese.

Speaking of cutting boards, several at La Mojarra Loca were severely soiled.