South Park strikes out at Chipotle – and dead celebrities

The season premier of South Park took a shot at those dead celebrities that just won’t go away – Hi! Billy Mays here … — , and a lovely sub-plot aimed at the sanctimonious Chipotle, and how their food makes your ass bleed.

Maybe Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been reading up on E. coli O157:H7 symptoms.

You love to eat Chipotle, but you hate those blood stains in your underwear?

Now you can eat all the Chipotle you want, and still have clean underwear with ChipotliAway.

Stan: Why would you keep eating something that made you crap blood?

Cartman: Dude have you ever eaten Chipotle, it’s really good.

I love that the adopted Canadian kid, Ike, and all the other Canadians, have flapping heads (who can forget, Blame Canada, from the movie?). And bring on more Terrance and Phillip. Video which may offend, below.